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We are licensed to Serve You.

General Contractor to help Hoosiers to fix everything.

We can help with all your Residential and Business Problems with Mold, Asbestos, Hazard Inspectors, Laboratory Testing, Remediation, Home Inspections, General Construction and Sub Contract; Tear Outs, Demolition, Remodeling, Painting, Flooring,  Roofing.  No condition too Small or Big for our Company. We except Insurance Claims. 

Indiana Department of Environmental Contractor License for Toxic Hazards

Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, Mold Remediation. Asbestos Inspections, Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Remediation. Home Inspections, General Contracting, Hazmat Service and Disposal. Flood and Water Damage Contractor. Insurance claims  accepted. 

Indiana Site Management Contractor

We have experience and knowledge to oversee all projects in Investigation Inspectors; HOA Inspectors; Home Buyer Representative Inspectors; Home Seller Certified Inspectors; Apartment Management Inspectors; Apartment Housing Inspectors; Transportation Management Inspectors.  

Apartment, Rental Property, Business Professional Services

We assist many facility or complexes with Apartment Inspections, Hazardous Waste Removal, Drug/ Tobacco Testing, Unit Clean Outs, Power Washing, General Construction, Storage of Property, Mold Inspections, Large Painting Projects and Bio Hazard Removal. If you need help in resulving your problem? Call HAZVET LLC, for question and pricing.

Emergency Services for Biological and Traumatic Event Hazardous Situations

  We are your Local, Licensed and Insured Biological  Hazard Cleanup, Disposal and Consultation Team. We are proud to serve Hoosiers in Northern and Central  Indiana. Our Company Objective is to restore any Accident or Trauma Scene, too "Safe State".  Trust our team to assist your Clients, Partners, Friends and Neighbors, with the challenges of Bio Hazard Cleanup, Containment and Disposal needs..   

Transportation Testing Management Program

Our New Technology will have you leading your Transportation Fleet with Confidence. This discreet service will ensure your protection and safety of your employees and Business while away from the company. This technology will lead to better Company Standards, Customer Service, Insurance Discounts and Higher FMCSA  Ratings. Call Hazvet to discuss our Services and Rates for any size Commercial Company Fleet. 

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Hazvet LLC, Indiana Environmental Service Company

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Our Duty To Inform All of Unknown Hazards

Our Personal Mission and Experience Dealing with Potential Drug Laden Environments.

  We provide Community Awareness Campaigns, Licensed Testing and Remediation for all your Business, Home or Vehicle Environments.   Hazvet wants to protect You, Your Family and Business. Do not become sick due to Unknown Toxins in your Living, Transportation or Business Space.  When possible, "TEST BEFORE YOU INVEST"

How does Hazvet provide you better Comfort, Surety and Safety to your Home, Family or Business.

Congratulations, on Buying, Renting or Recently moved into your New Home or Business. We understand the process of a Home Inspector, but we feel that we must warn as many as possible about a hidden threat in Indiana, and the Home Inspectors are not licensed to test or trained to find. Drugs, are not only killing people, making it and using it, also it leaves a TOXIC RESIDUAL SUBSTANCE  to the building too.  Sorry to report, Indiana was 4th leading all states in production of  and Use of Methamphetamine. Hazvet is finding contamination in Expensive Homes, Poor Homes, Apartments, Cars,  Bedrooms, Garages, Kitchens and just about everywhere. When someone chooses to smoke it, this (Residual) Toxic Substance attaches to Walls, Carpets, Fans, Air Conditioners, Sink Drains. The EPA,  IDEM  and Hazvet can tell you that it cannot be removed by household cleaners or painted over. It has to be professionally decontaminated. Not only Meth, we also are finding Heroin, Opium, Synthetic Marijuana and many other (smoked and other chemical laced) drugs everywhere in Indiana. Hazvet provides an Inexpensive Testing Process to identify any possibility of your home and if we find something, Hazvet can help you fix it.  Do not let your Family or Pets live and play in this potential Hazards. Call us to let us assist you knowing the truth.

We Are Proud to Ring the Warning Bell to Home Buyers and Owners. WE Just Hope Everyone Repeats the Warnings

  As one of a few State of Indiana's Licensed IDEM Contractors, we can save you thousands of dollars in repairs for your property or prospective property, with a simple test. Its best that before you invest in a new property, demand your Realtor, Home Inspector or Landlord contact HAZVET or IDEM Contractor for the "Peace of Mind Surety Inspection". 

How we serve our Customers.

Area of coverage for services

 Cities of  Logansport, IN; Kokomo, IN; Lafayette, IN; Monticello IN; Peru, IN; Rochester, IN; Fort Wayne, IN, Warsaw IN; Plymouth IN; Goshen IN; North Judson IN; Rensselaer IN; Crawfordsville IN; Carmel IN; Anderson IN; Muncie IN;  Wabash IN; Huntington IN;  South Bend IN; and Indianapolis Metro. 

We service any Counties of  Cass County, IN;  Miami County, IN;  Fulton County, IN;  White County, IN; Howard County, IN; Tippecanoe County, IN; Marshal County, IN;  Fulton County, IN; Carroll County, IN; Hamilton County, IN; Tipton County, IN; Wabash County, IN; Montgomery County, IN; Pulaski County, IN;  Grant County, IN; Madison County, IN; Clinton County, IN; Marion County, IN; Stark County, IN;

 Northern Indiana,  Central Indiana.

 If you live outside these areas, call HAZVET for Estimates. 

For Homeowners that think they have a Problem

Hazvet provides every homeowner or business with both discreet and confidential testing and reports. If you think you have a problem with your home or business, feel free to call HAZVET to discuss available testing opportunities.

Trip Expense for Service Calls

We intend to keep pricing inexpensive and make available for every Hoosier. It is important to us for everyone to be able to afford and live in a safe space. Service Trip Fees may apply, depending on travel Distance and Services. All Testing can be estimated by phone or text.


Professional Business Painting.

   by Amanda H. - 2017 Very courteous and respectful of our business. I appreciate that he offered to work outside of business hours.The paint job looks great-I couldn't be happier with their work. Testimonial written by Amanda H. on this site.  

5 Stars for Service and Satifaction

Bill - Kokomo 2017 This company is a Disabled Veteran Owned Business. They are punctual, have values and dedication. They offer the fair pricing and keep their promise to  get the job done quick and correct. They sure was a life saver to us and hope everyone learns about this local company. They seem to be able do about everything. I Recommend them.


Debra - Noblesville - 2017 They were very helpful and went out of their way to make it work for us. We have used them twice and would use them again.  Testimonial written by Debra - Noblesville on this site. 

Great Company

 by Briana Lirot - 2016 HaZvet is a professionally owned business and conducted in a timely manner to get the task done on hand. Very curtious and polite owner that is all about conducting himself in a manner that you feel the job will be done right the first time not only that I like that the fact that he is a Christian and has good Christian beliefs. I'd recommend his business to anyone, thanks for your service and helping me out. Job well done 

A great business

 by Beverly Maloy - 2016 I have had the pleasure of these people doing some work for me. They were very professional,prompt, and fair priced. I would recommend them!  

You better test, we did. Do not let your kids sleep in a drug infested bedroom

 by Bill L - 2016 Expanding services to individuals and business for testing for all the new drugs in America. These guys come to your house, apartment or business and identify (if) the previous owners, renters or tenants had made or used drugs. Some of these drugs do leave a deadly residual and they do effect the next owner and renter's health. These guys really care and do not want the uniformed to fall into a horrible situation. Thanks HazVet, we are fully knowledgeable of our new house.  

Indiana Clandestine Drug News

Most Pre-Purchased Home Inspector is Not Licensed to Test. Call us for a licensed professional.

There is no difference between Home, Business or Automobile Contamination